LETOM Physical Properties and Quality

Material Used: 100% Polyester LETOM uses only 100% pure domestic polyester, and Geosung Industrial Materials Co., Ltd. It is produced by a consistent system of direct radiation weaving and post-processing. Super water-repellent processing products LETOM treats Kf Guard ultra-water repellent agents for antifouling and water repellent resistance. Waterproof Reinforcement Products LETOM produces water pressure over […]

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Production Process of LETOM

LETOM is based on patented technology from yarn production to annealing finished products. It is made purely domestic. Yarn Production To produce awning yarn that is excellent in weather resistance to various climatic conditions, especially ultraviolet and rain, LETOM Radiation. From directly imported and produced. LETOM has over 300 colors at all times to respond

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What is LETOM?

LETOM is the only patented(Patent No. 0389049) fashion awning fabric material in Korea. It has the following excellent features: LETOM specializes in textiles for industrial materials (domestic companies) with long experience and know-how of spinning – >weaving- “Batch production of finished products. It is a high-quality awning professional brand manufactured directly by the system. LETOM

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