What is LETOM?

LETOM is the only patented(Patent No. 0389049) fashion awning fabric material in Korea. It has the following excellent features:

LETOM specializes in textiles for industrial materials (domestic companies) with long experience and know-how of spinning – >weaving- “Batch production of finished products. It is a high-quality awning professional brand manufactured directly by the system.

LETOM is not a low-cost annealing material in the yarn-dyed or dip-dyed method, but the solution-dyed method. It is a high-quality annealing material that does not discolor in daylight for more than 5+ years. (There may be color differences.)

LETOM’s ultra-water-repellent processing products not only transmit air but also prevent pollution from the outside as much as possible and prevent leaks.

The effect is so excellent that you can use it with confidence even in rainy weather. (Average water pressure of acrylic products: 300-350mm H2O / LETOM: more than 1,000mmH2O)

Because of the high strength of POLYESTER, LETOM maintains form stability for a long time after the finished product is installed. (Fabric resiliency occurs when drying in rainy weather )

LETOM has excellent sewing performance and low chokes, so there are no crinkles on the fabric when cutting or missing.

LETOM is used for antifouling, waterproofing(water pressure 1000 5000mmH2O), as well as a flame retardant.

We are also developing the production of various differentiated products.

Window Shades and Blinds made in Korea. We offer a variety of designs and styles that comes in fabric roll-up shades, blackout shades, sunscreens, sunshades, dual shade, vertical blinds, and wooden Blinds that will surely fit the expectations in the Philippines.

We also offer Motorized systems for Blinds and Curtains. In addition to that, we also offer other window treatments such as Curtains, Retractable Awnings, and Window Films.

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