LETOM Physical Properties and Quality

Material Used: 100% Polyester

LETOM uses only 100% pure domestic polyester, and Geosung Industrial Materials Co., Ltd.

It is produced by a consistent system of direct radiation weaving and post-processing.

Super water-repellent processing products

LETOM treats Kf Guard ultra-water repellent agents for antifouling and water repellent resistance.

Waterproof Reinforcement Products

LETOM produces water pressure over 1,000 mmHzO to meet domestic climatic conditions. Because of this, you do not need to worry about leaks during the rain.

UV Blocking Treatment Products

LETOM is available for all commercially available products to maintain high light emission levels. We are processing UV Stabilizer.

Flame Retardant Products

LETOM also produces and supplies flame retardant products according to consumer needs. 

Anti-white phenomenon products

LETOM uses excellent yarns and post-processing solutions.

It is a product that does not have a white phenomenon when installing the product.

High-Speed Drying products

LETOM has ultra-fast drying even in rainy weather. It is a product.

Window Shades and Blinds made in Korea. We offer a variety of designs and styles that comes in fabric roll-up shades, blackout shades, sunscreens, sunshades, dual shade, vertical blinds, and wooden Blinds that will surely fit the expectations in the Philippines.

We also offer Motorized systems for Blinds and Curtains. In addition to that, we also offer other window treatments such as Curtains, Retractable Awnings, and Window Films.

Dealership Application