Special external blind treatment ensures excellent resistance to UV, heat and light.
Excellent resistance to water and stains
excellent color durability;
Acrylic fabric dyed with 100% non-toxic solution


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Dealership Application
Dealership Application
Dealership Application

The waterproof acrylic fabric ensures non-toxic. Hair dyes that contain carcinogens. Proven to contain no volatile ingredients or pesticides.

ISO 9001
International certificates received from Bureau Veritas Quality International(BVQ). This certificate is a symbol of efficiency and recognition of quality services.

SUNACRYL fiber enhances the shade effect under the fabric through the excellent waterproofness and breathability of the canvas cloth. In addition, the color remained the same as the weather conditions tested in the environment under the influence of solar heat and water spray.

The new fabric protector CLEANGARD uses the state-of-the-art NPP (Nanoscience Protection Process) to protect outdoor awning fabrics. It is a technology based on the combination of ultra-fine nanoparticles, which forms a protective film against water and is resistant to dust and mold.

This stream is inspired by the beautiful lotus leaves despite the muddy environment floating in ponds and rivers. It mimics the self-cleaning function, leaving the fabric clean and forming a thick protective film that resists dust penetration.

The highest quality French DICKSON CONSTANT acrylic fabric is used as the folding awning fabric. Specially selected fabrics are woven from Sunacryl fibers without neglecting automated processes, laboratory testing, and final processing. It is manufactured through a strict manufacturing process and processing process to confidently guarantee quality including durability and color continuity.

These fine parts are based on acrylic fabric, so there is no hindrance to the performance of the fabric.

For acrylic fabrics treated with fluoride-containing resin components, the pattern may be visible when exposed to sun rays.

When the lining fabric is folded, folds may appear in the center or along the seam.

White line or grain pattern
Bright-colored fabrics can be more visible when exposed to light, such as chisels and texture patterns

Dickson® awning fabrics are designed to meet a complete range of needs. Our fabrics comply with outdoor standards based on quality manufacturing processes and materials. Designed for use in homes and businesses, our innovative designer fabrics adapt to any space.

8630 is a fabric from DICKSON. Get your France-made Retractable Awning here in the Philippines today at DECOSHADE!

DECOSHADE Retractable Awning is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building, it was placed above the windows, doors, or even above the area along sidewalks. DECOSHADE’s Retractable Awning is composed of Polyester Fabric and is originally made in Korea LETOM. DECOSHADE can also offer the DICKSON brand which is a product of France

DICKON’s and LETOM’s fabrics come in plain, stripe, and highly visual designs like 8630. Suited to any kind of facade, their style offers a lasting solution to the needs of both private and business customers.

Product Code





100% sunacryl solution dyed acrylic


290 g/m², ISO 2286-1


120 cm, EN 1773

Tensile Strength

140 daN Wrap, 92 daN Weft/trama, ISO 13934-1

Tear Strength

4 daN Warp, 2.3 daN Weft/trama, ISO 13937-1


Cleangard special dirt-resistance and awning water repellent treatment

Water repellent

>370 mm ISO 811

Spray test

5/5 ISO 4920

Colour fastness UV

7-8/8 ISO 105 B02

Colour fastness weather condition

7-8/8 ISO 105 B04

Roll length

60 lm

Thank you for choosing Decoshade!

If you have any questions about Window Shade, Blinds, and Retractable Awning please do not hesitate to talk with us! Simply fill out the form below, or call us.

Thank you for choosing Decoshade!

if you have any questions about Window Shade, Blinds, and Retractable Awning please do not hesitate to talk with us! Simply fill out the form below, or call us.

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